October 9, 2009


It has been more than a month. If you ask me the reason for my absence, the answer will be 'Travel'. But i know that it is not entirely true. Ever since i shut down Ledger and started cadiaries, i have lost a huge part of 'blogging' energy. I just dont feel like blogging. Those who have visited my malayalam blog or twitter feeds may say otherwise. Anyway, i want to change all that. You will feel the a Shift soon.

Since today's theme is shift, i am starting with the skin of this blog. You may have already noticed that the layout has been changed back to Minima. I have customised the template so as to add more columns. The customisation is an ongoing process and you may notice more changes in coming days.

September was also the month of Travel for me. Calicut, Tuticorin. Coimbatore, Kottayam etc. Thankfully, this time i was much nearer to home. It looks like October also is not going to be any different :)


CA by profession,
Artist by possession,
Animator by passion,
Blogger by provocation
Photographer by avocation!!

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