November 24, 2009

Holiday Blues

The ‘mini’ vacation is over, back to work in Hyderabad.

Yesterday (Monday) was holiday for bank here in Hyderabad because of election to the local bodies or something. Anyways, all that mattered was I had 2 back-2-back ‘off’ days to negotiate. So, a last minute trip to Bangalore was arranged. I went to Bangalore on Saturday evening and came back today morning. It was way better than killing time in an empty hotel room.

Now the problem is that coming weekend also I have back-2-back holidays and this time I cant go to Bangalore too. Wondering what am gonna do with those 2 holidays!!

November 16, 2009


My 3 week long Chennai 'vacation' is coming to an end. The crystal ball has spoken its words again. Now i have to go to Hyderabad. So i guess in a couple of days, i will be leavin g Chennai.


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