December 29, 2009

New Year Animation

Yesterday i had not much work to do in office. So i decided to make a flash animated New Year Card.

If you want to post this little animation as scra (in orkut) or want to embed it in your blog, you can do so by using following Code:
<embed width='360' height='200' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' wmode='transparent' src='' pluginspage=''> </embed>

Wishing All A Very Happy New Year

December 18, 2009

Delhi News

After Chennai and Hyderabad, finally the travels took me to Delhi. I reached here on last Saturday with a plan to go for some sightseeing on Sunday which, however, i was not able to execute. For the first 3 days i stayed in Vasant Kunj and then shifted to a hotel in Karol Bagh. The picture above was taken on my way to Karol Bagh. It looks like i will be here in Delhi till 21(at least) which gives me another chance to go for a sight seeing expedition!

December 1, 2009

Hi Tech CA

When it comes to IT education for members/ students, the Institute is way behind and it seems they does not have any intention to change this pathetic situation. We are still told to study how 'Charles Babbage' invented the damn thing, various Generations of computers (i have been studying these from 8th Std), information systems, steps in designing the info system etc which i think, has no relevance today especially for a CA. Anyways, we have to study anything and everything in the Syllabus if one wants to clear the exam. So year after year every students go through these useless topics.

Anyways, the CA Syllabus is hardly interesting to warrant a post here. Instead, i want to discuss about these rather funny messages (SMSs and E-mails) i have been getting for the past 2 months. The Insti elections are scheduled to be held on Dec 5 and like every election campaigning is in full swing. The big difference is that here campaigning is hi tech i.e SMSs and E-Mails. Its pretty annoying too. Damn! SMSes in the middle of night!! For me this e-campaigning is new phenomenon simply because i became a member this year only. I find it interesting because for a bunch of people (older generation), who finds it difficult to understand a spreadsheet, they seem to be doing quite a good job of conducting SMS and E mail campaigns!

I hope these members, when the eventually become council members, take some interest in modifying the CA syllabus so as to include some quality IT education!!


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Artist by possession,
Animator by passion,
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Photographer by avocation!!

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