May 17, 2009

Linux Adventures: The Beginning

Not many people understands the beauty of Linux. For many, Linux is just 'messier' and 'Geekier'. I dont blame them because untill recently Linux was like that (or so i believe). To be honest, i didnt like the whole command line affair of Linux. But now things have changed, for better. Linux has become cooler, friendlier and better.

My first  encounter with Linux was way back in 2001-02 and the one who introduced me to the world of Linux was my brother. He was studying Computer science and had formed a liking for this 'peculiar' OS. So he requested one of our relatives to install Linux in our PC and he obliged. But from the very beginning, problems began to pop up. Like i said the basic interface of Linux is 'Command Line' and the only way to get a 'Windows' like GUI is to intsall a 'X- Window' system, just as front-end for the Core OS. But, in our case, that version of Red Hat didn't support our video card and we were left with just the command prompt. We didnt had Internet those days, so getting the required driver file was out of the question. However my brother was very determined to make the X windows work without the right driver file and we spend a lot of time exploring Linux to find a way (He used to be the explorer and i used to be the bystander!! ;) ). Finally we managed to to find a way to get X windows without the file and the celebrations were.. well, Unforgettable!!!

From that moment onwards, Linux became much, much more user friendly!!

Thats it for now. More about linux later...



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